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Happy Heels is a specialised unit of Verman Hospital, pioneering the field of best foot and ankle Treatment in Mathura. We offer comprehensive services for a wide range of foot and ankle conditions, all conveniently located under one roof. We also have a dedicated Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center in Mathura that ensures patients receive holistic care and support throughout their journey to better foot and ankle health.


First knee, foot and ankle surgeon of the Mathura

First foot scan machine of Mathura

First customizable insole machine in the region

First-time 3D analysis of foot and ankle in Mathura

Happy Heels offer

Foot and Ankle Treatments in Mathura

Get Best Foot and Ankle Treatment In Mathura From The Best Foot and Ankle Specialist

Dr. Swapnil, the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mathura, offers foot scanning facility with a state-of- the-art diagnostic tool- the foot scan machine. He is the only specialist in the Mathura district who is entirely focused on ankle and foot health, ushering in a revolutionary development in the field of podiatric therapy.

Dr Verman has changed the medical landscape in Mathura City by introducing the foot scan machine. With its advanced 3D analysis capabilities for the foot and ankle, the ground-breaking technique represents a significant advance in the field of personalised healthcare. Complementing this cutting- edge technology is the Customizable Foot Insole which is ideally suited to each patient’s particular foot anatomy and demands.

With these revolutionary developments, Dr. Swapnil Verman has transformed foot and ankle Treatment in Mathura and its surrounding areas.

Dr. Swapnil Verman works closely with each patient to determine the most suitable treatment plan that aligns with their lifestyle and aspirations.

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