Transcervical Endometrial Resection in Mathura by Dr. Disha Verman

Dr. Disha Verman is an experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, known for her extensive expertise and commitment to women’s reproductive health. With years of experience, she specializes in providing compassionate care for a wide range of gynaecological concerns, including Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE).

Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE) in Mathura: A Comprehensive Overview

Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE) is a minimally invasive surgical technique primarily employed to address abnormal uterine bleeding, particularly heavy or prolonged menstrual periods. This procedure involves the precise removal of the endometrial lining (the inner lining of the uterus) to alleviate debilitating menstrual symptoms.

Why is Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE) Performed?

TCRE is recommended for various reasons, and here are some situations in which your doctor may suggest this procedure:

  • Heavy or Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding: TCRE is an effective solution for women experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding that hasn’t responded to other treatments. It can significantly reduce or eliminate excessive bleeding.
  • Menstrual Irregularities: When abnormal uterine bleeding includes irregular periods or unpredictable menstrual cycles, TCRE can help normalize menstrual patterns.
  • Treatment of Abnormal Endometrial Tissue: TCRE can be used to address abnormal growths or tissue within the endometrial lining, such as polyps or small fibroids.
  • Diagnostic Purposes: In some cases, TCRE may be performed to obtain tissue samples from the endometrial lining for diagnostic purposes, such as ruling out uterine cancer or other pathological conditions.

How Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE) is Performed:

The TCRE procedure is carried out systematically, typically involving the following steps:

  • Anaesthesia: You’ll receive anaesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. This can include general anaesthesia (you’re unconscious) or regional anaesthesia (numbing only the lower part of your body), depending on your condition and preferences.
  • Cervical Dilation: To gain access to the uterine cavity, the cervix (the lowest portion of the uterus) is gently dilated.
  • Endometrial resection: The cervix is dilated before a thin, flexible device with a wire loop or electrode is introduced into the uterine cavity. The endometrial lining is carefully removed with this device. It is frequently necessary to cut and coagulate the tissue using highfrequency electrical energy.
  • Monitoring and Verification: To ensure correct and comprehensive removal of the targeted endometrial tissue, the surgeon constantly supervises the surgery under the direction of imaging.
  • Closure and Recovery: The instruments are taken out once the endometrial resection is finished, and the cervical aperture may be allowed to shut on its own. Following recovery in a monitored setting, most patients can return home the same day or after a brief hospital stay, depending on the specifics of their case.

Potential Benefits of Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE):

For women seeking relief from irregular uterine bleeding and associated symptoms, TCRE has several benefits, including:

  • Smaller incisions or no exterior incisions at all as TCRE is minimally invasive and solely affects the cervix and the uterine cavity.
  • It can successfully lessen or stop heavy menstrual bleeding, relieving painful symptoms.
  • Because TCRE allows uterine preservation, it is appropriate for women who want to maintain their fertility.
  • Quicker recovery period

Get Transcervical Endometrial Resection (TCRE) – Consult the Leading Gynaecologist in Mathura

Throughout the TCRE procedure, Dr. Disha Verman is committed to giving her patients comprehensive care, assuring their comfort and full recovery. Consider seeking the advice of Dr. Verman if you are undergoing unusual uterine bleeding or similar issues.

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