Ankle Arthritis Treatment

Ankle Arthritis: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Non-Surgical Management Techniques

Experiencing pain and limited range of motion in the ankle joints is a clear indicator of having ankle arthritis. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ankle arthritis treatment in Mathura, including non-surgical management techniques.

Ankle Arthritis Treatment in Mathura: An Overview

Ankle arthritis is a common condition in which the ankle joints become inflamed and degenerated for various reasons. It can occur when there is a breakdown of cartilage in the ankle joint for a variety of reasons, such as trauma, injury, autoimmune disease, and infections. Arthritis of the ankle can affect individuals across various age groups but is more common in older adults, people with previous ankle injuries, and individuals with certain medical conditions.

People dealing with ankle arthritis have difficulty walking and are also unable to carry out several daily activities.

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What Are the Symptoms of Ankle Arthritis?

Symptoms of ankle arthritis come on slowly and can gradually worsen over time. Some of the common symptoms of ankle arthritis include the following:

• Feeling of stiffness after waking up in the morning or sitting for prolonged periods
• Swelling around the ankle joint
• Difficulty walking due to pain and stiffness
• Decreased range of motion means difficulty moving the ankle joint when trying to flex or extend the foot.
• Sensation of the ankle ‘giving way’ during weight-bearing activities.
• Grinding or clicking sensation in the ankle during the movement.
• Gradual onset of pain

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it is essential to consult Dr. Swapnil Verman, the best orthopaedic surgeon at Verman Hospital in Mathura.

Diagnosis of Ankle Arthritis

If you have one or more of the symptoms mentioned above, then you must seek medical advice, and your doctor will perform certain tests and a physical examination to confirm the condition.

• Physical examination
During the physical examination, the doctor will inquire about certain symptoms, such as inflammation, pain, swelling, and a limited range of motion. You will have a thorough physical examination of the ankle joint.

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• X-ray
X-rays are used to evaluate the extent of joint damage and to confirm the diagnosis of arthritis.

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, provides a more detailed image of the ankle joints when compared to X-rays. It can help differentiate between various types of arthritis affecting the ankle joint, such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis.

Ankle Arthritis Treatment in Mathura

What are the non-surgical management techniques for ankle arthritis treatment?

• Medications

Your doctor may prescribe medications to help reduce the pain and swelling associated with ankle arthritis. Over-the-counter pain medications and topical ointments or gels are most commonly recommended to help ease pain.

• Physical therapy

With the help of tailored exercise programmes designed by trained professionals, physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles around the ankle and enhance balance and coordination. You must always perform the exercise under the observation of experts.

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Verman Hospital offers Mathura’s FIRST Custom-Made Rehab Programmes, designed to effectively treat a wide range of orthopaedic problems, including backache, shoulder pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain, tennis elbow, and sports injuries.

Our programme has a range of benefits, including custom-made home exercise charts, no daily physiotherapist consultation needed, a prehab programme for surgeries, tailored exercises to suit your needs, expert guidance for faster recovery, flexible scheduling for your convenience, and targeted therapies for enhancing strength and function.

• Orthotic Devices
Customised foot orthotics are specially designed to provide support and alignment to the foot and ankle and are often used for ankle arthritis treatment in Mathura.

Happy Heels is a specialised unit of Verman Hospital that provides customised insoles tailored to the patient’s needs and can also manage the symptoms related to ankle arthritis.


Ankle arthritis is a painful condition that can significantly impact an individual’s mobility and quality of life. It can lead to stiffness, inflammation, and pain in the affected joint. To get relief, you must consult Dr. Swapnil Verman, the best orthopaedic surgeon for ankle arthritis treatment in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Proper management and ankle arthritis treatment under the guidance of an expert can improve your overall well-being.

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