How Custom-made Insoles Can Help in Delaying and Avoiding Knee Replacement Surgery

Get relief from long-term knee pain with our custom-made insoles that can be tailored to your specific needs. Happy Heels, a specialised unit of Verman Hospital, focuses on treating patients with knee pain with non-surgical options.

Are you dealing with a knee problem, like knee pain, and looking for a non-surgical option to treat it? Here come the custom-made insoles that can help avoid knee replacement surgery. Dr. Swapnil Verman is a specialised professional in Mathura, providing customised insoles to people dealing with chronic knee pain.

What Are Custom-made Insoles?


Knee pain can be caused by various reasons, such as gradual wear and tear, injury, or medical conditions like osteoarthritis. Custom orthotics are medical devices that are specially designed to meet specific conditions. It is also helpful for various situations, like better balance and mobility while walking, standing, or running.

Happy Heels, a unit of Verman Hospital in Mathura, provides custom orthotics as per your knee conditions.

How Can Custom-made Insoles Help Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is recommended by doctors when you’re experiencing severe pain, inflammation around the knee, and reduced mobility.

If you’re considering the surgical option for your knee problems, there’s an alternative approach, i.e., specialised, custom-made insoles, that plays an important role in delaying and avoiding knee replacement surgery.

Let’s discuss in detail how it is considered the best alternative for knee replacement surgery.

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  1. Shock absorption

Every step you take leaves some stress on your knee, and this exceeds when you are running, jogging, or doing any physical activity. The continuous stress on the knee can lead to problems like arthritis, tears, and injury. Customised insoles reduce excessive stress on the knee joints, alleviate pain, provide relief to individuals, and manage their knee condition.

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2. Address alignment issues

Custom-made insoles are specially designed to provide relief from knee pain caused by structural and mechanical issues in the feet. Because of the overpronation or supination condition, knees can get strained. That’s why insoles are recommended to help keep your knee in the proper alignment and to distribute the body weight evenly.

3. Cushioning

Custom-made insoles provide cushioning to your feet, reducing stress on the knee while walking, running, and doing exercises. When there is less impact on the knees, it can delay the progression of arthritis, improve mobility, and promote proper biomechanics.

4. Individualised treatment

Custom-made insoles are prepared according to the specific medical conditions, individual unique foot anatomy, and pattern. It is a personalised approach to treating patients with knee problems that also addresses the root cause of the pain and provides targeted relief. Because of its personalised approach, it can also prevent the need for surgical intervention.


Custom-made insoles are a good and effective way to treat patients with knee pain and other related problems. By providing support, alignment correction, and joint stability, customised insoles can preserve joint integrity and avoid the need for knee replacement surgery.

Dealing with persistent knee pain and discomfort? Consult Dr. Swpanil Verman, the first-ever foot and ankle specialist in Mathura, who is well-known for providing custom-made insoles to patients with the help of the latest technology.

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