Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery in Mathura

Effective Strategies for Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery

Are you feeling pain and stiffness in your hips? This might indicate you’re having hip osteoarthritis. In this blog, you will get an overview of hip osteoarthritis treatment without surgery in Mathura.

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery in Mathura

What is Hip Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as wear-and-tear arthritis, is a degenerative condition that affects the joints and can lead to pain and stiffness. It mostly affects older people and occurs when the protective cartilage (which acts as a cushion between bones in joints) in the bone gradually wears down over time. This condition can affect the joints in your hands, knees, hips, and spine.

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery in Mathura

Osteoarthritis of the hip, or hip osteoarthritis, is the second most common type of arthritis that affects the hip joint. This hip condition happens when the cartilage in the hip joint deteriorates after some period of time and can also occur after injury.

It leads to pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, and range of motion in the hip and also affects everyday activities such as rising from a chair, walking, and bending.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis

The most common symptoms of hip osteoarthritis include the following:

  • Stiffness in the hip
  • Cracking or couching sound when moving the damaged hip
  • Weakness in the hip
  • Pain in or near the hip that worsens over time
non surgical treatment for hip osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage and the other tissues within the joint break down or change their structure. It can be caused by several other reasons, such as ageing, genetics, being obese, previous hip injuries or trauma, and a family history of osteoarthritis.

If you suspect any of the symptoms mentioned above, consult Dr. Swapnil Verman, the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mathura.

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery in Mathura

Hip osteoarthritis can be effectively managed with the help of non-surgical treatment to alleviate pain and other symptoms related to the condition. Let’s discuss some of the treatment options.

  • Medications

If the pain associated with hip osteoarthritis affects your daily activities, then your doctor may prescribe certain medications. Medications such as over-the-counter pain relievers can reduce the pain and inflammation caused by hip osteoarthritis.

non surgical treatment for hip osteoarthritis
  • Weight Management

Hip osteoarthritis can also be caused by excessive weight; therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is essential to managing the symptoms associated with it. To maintain a healthy weight, it is essential to have a proper diet and follow an exercise routine. You must have a balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and in the meantime, you have to avoid processed foods that can lead to weight gain. Physical activity such as walking, swimming, and cycling can help improve joint health and keep your bones strong.

  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the most effective non-surgical treatments for treating people with hip osteoarthritis. With the help of specific exercises and stretches, physiotherapy can help improve hip joint mobility, strengthen surrounding muscles, and alleviate pain. Choose the best physiotherapy services at Verman Hospital in Mathura. 

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Get Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment Without Surgery in Mathura

Hip osteoarthritis is a common degenerative condition of the hip that can lead to pain, reduced mobility, and stiffness. To treat this painful condition, various non-surgical treatment options are available, such as physiotherapy, over-the-counter pain medication, weight management, and lifestyle modifications.

Want hip osteoarthritis treatment without surgery in Mathura? Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Swapnil Verman, the best orthopaedic surgeon in Mathura.

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